Good day, sunshines!

What a week it has already been! Long enough to let me mature another year – 32! Who would have thought? :D Eventful enough to make me manage to amass lots more miles and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Edinburgh in summer on my hikes. Around 320km/200miles in these two weeks to keep myself entertained while Johanna is away :)

I hope you still have some energy left after long work days since the best part of the week is only just beginning. Weekend’s worth of hot yoga action ahead and then continuing straight from there on Monday and Tuesday. Weekday evening classes are here again! Johanna will also be back taking part in that Monday’s session. Do check our online timetable where you will find plenty of classes to choose from over this coming festival season.

Here’s our schedule for the next few days:

Hot Yoga 60min 6.15pm

Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Mixed 12.45pm

Hot Yoga 60min 2pm
Hot Yin 60min 3.15pm
Hot Vinyasa 60min 4.30pm

Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Mixed 60min 6.15pm

Hot Yoga 60min 6.15pm

See you on the mat!

– R


Good afternoon, guys!

Unfortunately today’s classes have to be canceled as, after having soldiered on through Friday and Saturday classes, the cold symptoms I managed to acquire while traveling back home finally took over big time. I have to have a wee rest now and hope that I’ll regain my powers soon enough :) I’ll be trying my hardest to get back to fitness by next weekend if not sooner. For this reason there will not be any park yoga this coming week either. Apologies.

Those of you with current monthly passes and a booking will be credited with extra days.


Today is also the last day to get a monthly pass in a very inexpensive way. THIS SUNDAY ONLY – UNLIMITED MONTHLY PASS JUST £45!

Pass to be used by the end of August so you can start at a later date too if you wish. Extra classes over festival period (on weekdays!) so it’s definitely worth your investment. Contact us at to purchase now that there are no classes today.


// Riku

Monthly pass sale ends this weekend!

The other half of the power duo is back in town and ready to rumble! Got my hours in the sunshine already with a 5 hr walk to Musselburgh and back – now all that’s needed is a good hot yoga stretching! So Hot Yoga 60 min at 6.15pm. Would be nice to see some of you despite the AWESOME weather outside :)

And don’t forget that it’s the last weekend to buy those dirt cheap monthly passes for £45! You can purchase those directly from me this weekend (if you’re attending our classes) or alternatively drop us a line at

Have a fab weekend everyone!

– R


Greetings from Finland! Sweaty run done in the beautiful surroundings of Ruissalo National Park. Midday sun was pretty intense but that’s how we like it. Miss you guys but we’ll be back soon <3


In the meantime check out our special festival schedule with plenty of extra classes on weekday evenings. It’s going to be a busy August for us with hot yoga sessions on most of the days. Every session is already up there on our online booking system and places are available to be reserved.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our superb monthly pass deal as this sale will end very soon! Go ahead – you can purchase your own already today! Just drop us a line at and we’ll supply you with the details. You can also pay for your pass in person at any of our classes.

That’s just £45 for the privilege of enjoying a month of unlimited hot yoga like no other!
This price is valid until 13.7.
Pass to be used by the end of August.


Allison will be subbing for us this week also. From next week Riku’s back in town and will lead the way. Johanna will arrive in a couple of weeks as she’s participating in a yoga teacher training over here in Finland. And when she does fly back in later this month… boy, it’s going to be hectic with another smashing festival schedule. More action! More classes!

See you soon!



Yoga In The Park starts today

Looking strongly that we are finally getting our Yoga In The Park sessions under way today. Fingers crossed! Location Holyrood Park.

We’ll meet by the water pool next to Parliament building at 6.20pm and then head out to find ourselves a nice secluded spot for our practice.

Bring a yoga mat or a large towel with you.
£5 per person.

If you want, add an evening run around Arthur’s Seat to this and you’ve got yourself a damn fine combo.

Welcome all!


(Start Tuesday 10.6 – weather permitting)

HYE will head out for some fresh air and action packed fun in the sunshine!


After work sessions to suit your schedule.

First park yoga session of the summer season will start tomorrow on Tuesday. These sessions will be held in Holyrood and Inverleith parks where we will have ample room and quiet environment to work in.
Our regular studio hot yoga classes will operate as normal throughout the summer.


Please, keep an eye on our Facebook (or Twitter) for any extra info and if there’s any updates regarding the weather etc. We will be on stand-by, ready to rock even though those forecasts don’t always seem overly positive!


There will be rotation with these locations and dates so everyone can pick the one(s) that suit them.


Holyrood Park
6.30 – 7.30pm
* Meet @ 6.20pm by the water pool next to Parliament building


Inverleith Park / Sundial Garden
6.30 – 7.30pm



* Bring a yoga mat or a towel to work on

* Some water if you like

* Book your place on our online booking system if possible making it easier for us to manage these sessions

Digital Booker

* Class fee £5 (cash on arrival)

* Write to for more info


Feel free to ask for any poses you like etc. Maybe there is a new asana or two you would like to learn? Some poses you already know but want to challenge yourself and go even further? With these sessions everything is possible!


Please give us a shout if there’s any need for daytime yoga sessions out in the fresh air. We’ll be happy to set up some classes. Or if you have a group of your own, we will provide you with experienced teaching.


It’s the yoga style you love out in the fresh air.
While the temperatures may not be on par with our studio classes
the action definitely will be!





Monthly Hot Yoga Pass £45

* Unique group yoga sessions with passion and vision!

* 30 consecutive days from 1st lesson.

* Please refer to our schedule and class times.

* Join as many classes as you like.

* If there’s no classes running on some particular day the pass will be automatically extended accordingly.

* No break options.

* Not to be shared.

* Save up to 43% and enjoy town’s pioneering yoga movement.


2 x Private Yoga Class £65

* Save 35%!

* Get your poses checked to get the most out of your yoga practice.

* Alternatively bag yourself a routine and program you can take with you while enjoying holidays and/or practicing at home.

* Arranged to suit your schedule and held either at our home studio, outside or at a location of your choosing.


☯ Shiatsu massage ☯ £30 1hr / £50 2hrs

Maybe you’d like to give an ancient Shiatsu a try with these great savings? It really is a massage therapy that will help you get back on track whatever it is that’s weighing you down.

Migraine, fatigue, sleeping problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, metabolism…

After the session you will feel like a completely new person!


◎ These deals can be purchased in person at the site when attending our yoga classes or by emailing us at for further details on how to pay online.

◎ If you already have any of our passes currently in use you do not need to worry:

* 10 class pass holder will have their current pass put on hold and continue with that once this deal is finished.

* Monthly pass owners can continue with this offer once they reach the expiry date of their current pass.

◎ Monthly pass to be used by the end of August at the latest.

◎ Offers valid until further notice.



Hot Yoga Edinburgh



✯ YOGA IN THE PARK update ✯

Pretty much back to normal today then, eh? Not quite the weather one’s after when you want to combine the delights of yoga and getting some fresh air. Not the sunniest but at least it’s warm enough (in a Scottish way) and it’s not (yet) raining. Maybe we should get a giant gazebo or something?
Great suggestions have been coming in on our Facebook page. Thanks and keep them coming this way if anything comes to mind, folks!

What would you say if we rotated the neighborhoods and spots? Let’s say 2 or 3 different parks, gardens etc. at different locations around the city. Maybe once a week per park?
What kind of schedule would suit you?

Also, should we set up a different, separate group to keep everyone interested updated on these sessions? A group where we can keep track of forecasts and so on.

It’s a pity we don’t have roof top pool areas here like in this pic.


Our Johanna’s 30 today – join the fun and save money too!

❁❁❁ What a special day it is today! ❁❁❁

Sun smiling in the sky, Edinburgh trams finally rolling along and our gorgeous Johanna is 30 years young today! It would not feel right to celebrate this exceptional occasion without a proper yoga offer to further share the good vibes all around.

That’s a very healthy 30% saving.
Unlimited classes. Unlimited fun.


To get this offer you can claim it in person at our class today – Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Mixed 60 @ 12.45pm – or alternative you can send us an email at and we will provide you with further details for the payment and so on.


So wherever you are in the city right now, hop on board the tram, see it out yourself. Then hop off at the final stop on Queen Street and it’s only 1 minute (!) until you reach total yoga bliss!


❁❁❁ Yoga In The Park? ❁❁❁

Toying with the idea of arranging some small group yoga classes in one of Edinburgh’s many parks this coming Summer for a nominal fee. Does the idea interest you guys? What times and locations would suit you?
We have been running these sessions back in Finland and have had an absolutely cracking time. Of course it all would be even sweeter if someone had a peaceful private garden patch.
Naturally Scottish elements may pose a wee problem though with its rapidly changing weather and sudden downpours of rain but that is a possibility with which we just have to live with. Not much value in believing forecasts, eh? :)
☀ yes, ☔ no, ☁ maybe.

Feel free to comment on our Facebook page here or email us at with any suggestions, ideas and so on.

In the mean time though…here’s our schedule for the weekend ahead:

Hot Vinyasa 60m @ 5pm
Hot Yoga 60 @ 6.15pm

Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Mixed 60 @ 12.45pm

Hot Yoga 60 @ 2pm
Hot Yin 60 @ 3.15pm
Hot Vinyasa 60 @ 4.30pm