Hot Yin with Heini!

Thanks to Heini for leading us through a wonderful Hot Yin class yesterday, a beautiful class which was both relaxing and energising! Heini will be a regular fixture on the Hot Yoga Edinburgh scene from now on, be sure to come along to one of her classes soon!IMG_4909

Yoga and Cake! (all in the name of Macmillan Cancer Support)

Macmillan coffee and cake

Macmillan Cancer Support are running the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 26th September and here at Hot Yoga Edinburgh we wanted to get involved! Instead of coffee and cake we would like to invite to come along to one of our hot classes on the 26th September for Yoga and Cake! For every person who pre-books a place and comes to class, HYE will donate £1 to Macmillan Cancer Support, and we’ll also provide some delicious cakes for you to take away with you as a well-deserved treat after class! Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

Friday 26th September schedule:
5pm Hot Vinyasa (60 mins)
6.15pm Hot yoga (60 mins)

Book your place here:

Hello to all!

Well as Johanna and Riku have so beautifully described, now is a time of change at Hot Yoga Edinburgh, but don’t worry, your favourite hot classes will continue, with a few small adjustments to the schedule as we go. We’ll move back to our Autumn schedule and September classes are all available on the Digital booking system (and yes, the 5pm Hot Vinyasa is back on the agenda on Friday nights!). We will continue to run Hot Yoga, Hot Yin and Hot Vinyasa classes at the beautiful Gathering Essence Studio over Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and we look forward to seeing you on the mat!

We are sorry to see Johanna and Riku go, but we want to thank them for all their efforts and we wish them every success in their exciting new challenge in Turku, Finland (and we hope they’ll come back to visit from time to time!)

Let us introduce you to the new regular teaching team at HYE:

Allison Harrison
Many of you will have met Allison already as she has covered classes several times at Hot Yoga Edinburgh. Allison has practiced various styles of yoga (including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Moksha, Hot Yoga and Yin) for more than 10 years. She qualified as a 200 hour certified Hatha Yoga Teacher in March 2013 and has since been teaching Hatha and Vinyasa style classes for corporate and private clients. She has continued to develop her own practice and is currently working towards an additional 200 hour Ashtanga Teacher Training certificate. Allison brings with her an energy and enthusiasm for yoga and for helping people to find out for themselves how a regular yoga practice can improve life in so many ways.

Heini Löppönen
Heini is a yoga and Pilates teacher, dancer and dance teacher originally from Helsinki, Finland. She has a Bachelor’s degree in dance from the University of the Arts Helsinki. She was introduced to yoga and Pilates about 10 years ago, and became a certified yoga teacher in the early 2011. Before moving to Edinburgh in 2013 she worked as yoga, dance and Pilates teacher, and group exercise instructor both in Finland and in South-East Asia. In Finland she also worked as office workout instructor and physical activity advisor developing and delivering exercise programs for a variety of workplaces. She teaches several different styles of yoga, ranging from calm Yin yoga to more dynamic styles. She’s trained in anatomy and physiology of movement, and is focused on the therapeutic aspects of the practice, which has greatly influenced her way of teaching.

Our schedule can be found on the online digital booking system

Single drop in £12 (students £9 with valid student ID)
*NEW* 5 class pass £50 (students £40) valid for 6 weeks from date of purchase
10 class pass £90 (students £70) valid for 12 weeks from date of purchase
Monthly unlimited £80 (students £70) valid for 30 days from date of purchase
*Please note that all passes have expiry dates and must be used within this timeframe. Passes are non-transferable and cannot be shared.

Changing of the guards!

After years of feverishly trying to find our very own space for a yoga studio to call home we have finally succeeded in the task. However, this means that there will be changes coming. From September we will be spreading the gospel of hot yoga back home in Finland. With the help of backers and knowledgeable yoga business individuals we are very excited to open a brand new health center in our native country. Fear not though – Hot Yoga Edinburgh’s legend will live on too with fresh faces and new ideas under the guidance of Allison and company.

Some of you are already familiar with Allison. She has been a regular attandee in our classes for a long time and it has been a joy to watch her progress. In the past couple of years she has acquired her yoga instructor crediantials and gotten necessary training and teaching hours to be able to take over the reigns of HYE. We are sure she and her group will do a fantastic job! You can read more on Allison here very soon.

Class structure and schedule will remain the same with some small adjustments. Existing 10 class yoga passes will be honoured. Allison will have the final say on expiry dates and such though. So if in doubt about the validity contact her directly. There will also be an exchange of booking systems from our old ‘Digital Booker’ to ‘Mind Body Online’ which is a more sophisticated reservation platform. You will need to sign yourself up to make your future bookings. We will post here and on our website all the necessary information on how to make this change go smoothly.

We kindly ask for your understanding that it was a necessity to leave this announcement so late. This is a massive step for us and we wanted to be certain and have binding contracts done before discussing it openly as we’ve been stung in the past with last minute let-downs.

We will miss you immensely. It has definitely not been the easiest path we chose to follow to bring pioneering hot yoga classes to Edinburgh, a city that we were not too familiar with. But even with all the hard times we have had to endure, we have loved every minute of this adventure. It’s been a truly splendid journey! You guys have been spectacular and we have grown very fond of you. We would like nothing more than to keep in contact with you guys – let our friendships grow further and learn about your progress in yoga as well. So please feel free to add us as individuals on Facebook. We’d like nothing more!

“To infinity and beyond!”
– Buzz Lightyear


Riku & Johanna

Schedule changes for August

Just a quick reminder! Keep in mind that this August some of our classes will begin earlier than usually. Saturday’s Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Mixed session starts already at 11.30am.

Had a very nice class yesterday. Let’s keep it up!
We are at the studio – all set up for today’s class. Getting warm and cosy here. Lucky us, had time for a nice 1hr morning yoga warm-up practice too. Welcome all!

Here’s the rest of the special festival schedule for the next week:

Hot Yoga 11.00am
Hot Yin 12.15pm
Hot Vinyasa 1.30pm

Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Mixed 6.15pm

Hot Yoga 6.15pm
Hot Vinyasa 7.30pm

Hot Yoga 6.15pm

Weekday evenings start today

Today they start! Weekday evening classes for the festival season! From here on there will be different hot yoga sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays starting at 6.15pm. From next week we will even double that tally and add another session per day which start at 7.30pm. Without further ado, starting today with Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Mixed 60min class!

Special festival schedule with weekday extra classes!

Last day of instructing solo on my part today as Johanna’s back tomorrow. Remember that Monday will also be the launch day for weekday evening classes every Monday and Tuesday. These studio classes start at 6.15pm. There will be hot yoga classes of different kinds on most of the days!

Want more? Later today we will be adding even more classes for you to pick from. There will be super extra sessions on top of these new weekday classes – that’s 2 hot sessions back to back on Mon and Tue!
Further info and starting times can be found on our online booking system.

And this Sunday goes like this…

Hot Yoga 60min 2pm
Hot Yin 60min 3.15pm
Hot Vinyasa 60min 4.30pm

Good day, sunshines!

What a week it has already been! Long enough to let me mature another year – 32! Who would have thought? :D Eventful enough to make me manage to amass lots more miles and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Edinburgh in summer on my hikes. Around 320km/200miles in these two weeks to keep myself entertained while Johanna is away :)

I hope you still have some energy left after long work days since the best part of the week is only just beginning. Weekend’s worth of hot yoga action ahead and then continuing straight from there on Monday and Tuesday. Weekday evening classes are here again! Johanna will also be back taking part in that Monday’s session. Do check our online timetable where you will find plenty of classes to choose from over this coming festival season.

Here’s our schedule for the next few days:

Hot Yoga 60min 6.15pm

Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Mixed 12.45pm

Hot Yoga 60min 2pm
Hot Yin 60min 3.15pm
Hot Vinyasa 60min 4.30pm

Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Mixed 60min 6.15pm

Hot Yoga 60min 6.15pm

See you on the mat!

– R


Good afternoon, guys!

Unfortunately today’s classes have to be canceled as, after having soldiered on through Friday and Saturday classes, the cold symptoms I managed to acquire while traveling back home finally took over big time. I have to have a wee rest now and hope that I’ll regain my powers soon enough :) I’ll be trying my hardest to get back to fitness by next weekend if not sooner. For this reason there will not be any park yoga this coming week either. Apologies.

Those of you with current monthly passes and a booking will be credited with extra days.


Today is also the last day to get a monthly pass in a very inexpensive way. THIS SUNDAY ONLY – UNLIMITED MONTHLY PASS JUST £45!

Pass to be used by the end of August so you can start at a later date too if you wish. Extra classes over festival period (on weekdays!) so it’s definitely worth your investment. Contact us at to purchase now that there are no classes today.


// Riku

Monthly pass sale ends this weekend!

The other half of the power duo is back in town and ready to rumble! Got my hours in the sunshine already with a 5 hr walk to Musselburgh and back – now all that’s needed is a good hot yoga stretching! So Hot Yoga 60 min at 6.15pm. Would be nice to see some of you despite the AWESOME weather outside :)

And don’t forget that it’s the last weekend to buy those dirt cheap monthly passes for £45! You can purchase those directly from me this weekend (if you’re attending our classes) or alternatively drop us a line at

Have a fab weekend everyone!

– R